DVSA are developing National MOT tester qualifications.

Premier MOT staff members Paul Cooper and Iain Atkins have recently attended the meetings and working group for the development of the National Occupational Standards for MOT tester qualifications to be brought in during 2016.

So far the DVSA has given an overview of what there aims are in relation to MOT training modernisation:



DVSA’s MOT Training, Education and Skills Support (MTESS) team is currently developing nationally recognised qualifications that will professionalise the role of MOT testers and AEs (Authorised Examiners).

The aim is to modernise the way in which MOT tester and AE training is carried out, to better meet the needs of our customers.

The qualifications will ensure MOT testers and AEs are kept up to date through continuing professional development that they will complete every year.

What will this look like?

We’re working with the Sector Skills Council for the automotive retail industry, awarding organisations and representatives from the MOT trade to create national standards.

These standards will be the platform for a national qualification and successful candidates will be issued with a Certificate of Successful Completion.

DVSA Examiners will follow up with a visit to make sure quality standards are being met. The candidate will then be issued a Certificate of Competence.

What about refresher training?

Currently, qualified MOT testers are expected to carry out 2 days of refresher training every 5 years.

Under the new scheme, MOT testers will have to complete at least 3 hours of refresher training every year.

This change will:

  • professionalise the role of MOT testers and AEs: A nationally recognised qualification and the confidence that comes from continuing professional development will create a more professional role for MOT testers and AEs
  • provide flexible learning for candidates: Training providers can offer a wide variety of courses, from intensive week long classroom-based training to part-time or online training spread over several weeks or months
  • improve productivity: Candidates will have a wider variety of options for course delivery, so they can spend less time on training away from their work
  • provide a more modern approach to training requested by industry: In recent DVSA customer satisfaction surveys, testers have indicated that they would like a more varied and modern approach to training”


From the recent meetings we know the aim is to launch with the new scheme by the later part of 2016, Premier MOT are already working on directly applying the changes and updates to ur current range of courses with the aim of being involved in pilot courses running the early part of 2016 for updates on MOT modernisation contact a member of our team via our Contact page (or see the footer below).