MOT Tester Refresher Course

Quick Facts about the MOT Tester Refresher Course

  • The MOT tester refresher course was run by DVSA
  • The 5-year MOT tester refresher course is no longer available
  • MOT testers are now required to do the annual training and exam
  • Testers are no longer required to attend DVSA for the 5 year refresher course
  • All MOT testers must complete 3 hours of annual trainingbased on the DVSA syllabus
  • All testers must pass the annual exam between 1st April and 31st March every year

The 5-year MOT tester refresher course has been replaced with CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

As part of their continuing professional development, to meet the DVSA requirement and maintain testing status, all nominated testers will have to complete a minimum of 3 hours MOT annual training every year and pass an annual assessment. All testers are responsible for their own training, recording their training and keeping evidence of training. It is the responsibility of the MOT tester to book and take the annual assessment.

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