10 Reasons why DVSA believe our Award in MOT Testing Course is ‘First Class’

Paul Cooper, demonstrating the Premier MOT E-Learning Platform

Paul Cooper, demonstrating the Premier MOT E-Learning Platform

DVSA recently visited Premier MOT Training, Essex. The reason for the visit was to check that our course, Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7, was being taught to the correct standards. The representative watched our Quality Manager, Paul Cooper, over 2 days and assessed the course based on a number of criteria set by DVSA. We are pleased to advise that our recent site visit was a massive success and we received a number of positive comments. See how we rated against each requirement below.

  1. Preparation and organisation – Excellent
  2. Subject knowledge – Excellent
  3. Responsiveness to participants – Excellent
  4. Ability to create a suitable learning environment – Excellent
  5. How would you rate the overall effectiveness of the course? – Excellent
  6. How well did the trainer convey the information? – Excellent
  7. Quality of visual aids – Good
  8. Usefulness of handouts – Good
  9. Responsiveness to participants – Excellent
  10. Effectiveness of practical exercises – Excellent

Our Award in MOT Testing course runs over 4 days and is supported by our own comprehensive e-learning platform.

Paul Cooper, a master technician and level 4 qualified lecturer, has worked with Premier MOT for just over 6 years. After seeing Paul teach the Award in MOT Testing Course, the DVSA representative gave a comprehensive review. You can see the full review below:


MOT Testers Course At Premier MOT


I attended the MOT Testers Course at Premier MOT in Hockley near Southend the course being delivered by Mr Paul Cooper. I was greeted at the college on my arrival by Mr Paul Cooper Head of Motor Vehicle Studies; I then was given by a tour of the facilities by Mr Paul Cooper designated course tutor for this training.

Mr Cooper along with Mr Ian Atkins has attended an On-Boarding event at ETEC Nottingham delivered by myself, so we already had meet and the atmosphere was relaxed.

The purpose of these visits is to support and mentor those who wish to provide this type of training either as an In-House facility or on a commercial basis

Quality of Delivery and Involvement of Students

From the outset and upon my arrival at Premier MOT, where I was greeted by Mr Paul Cooper then, it was clear that much pre-course preparation had taken place, the atmosphere being relaxed inviting and created a good learning environment.

The quality of the delivery and the student interaction during the duration of the course was first class. Each topic introduced eloquently with student involvement from the off. All subjects backed up with an intensive practical session in the motor vehicle workshop that has an in-line MOT bay with all the latest equipment collaborated and in excellent working order.

At the end of each section a series of questions was projected on to the projection screen and students where encouraged and assisted into using the MOT Manual to locate the correct answer and furthermore it was pointed out that the notes column should always be referred to and acted upon, good habits where emphasized at each juncture.

Each student had been issued with a tablet and laptop in order to follow the course and access the relevant information regarding MOT Testing.

The course delivered an excellent mix of practical and theory with each section of the manual backed up with intensive workshop practical with students being involved in every activity.

As I only attended two days and the balance of the course was delivered the previous week I did not observe the delivery of the generic units e.g. Health and safety, working with others etc., although I did see a plan for delivery and have every confidence on the evidence observed at this point that a quality delivery will be forthcoming.  On questioning the students at the tea break it was clear that the generic units had been delivered as each student could demonstrate a basic understanding.

Students remained interested throughout with lots of debate among the class and as far as I could observe all the salient points where covered by Mr Cooper who clearly Knows the manual and the subject with little opportunity for the students to “sleep” during the delivery.


Despite the fact that i only saw the last two days, this was a first class course delivered by a subject knowledgeable trainer who had prepared well. The course achieved all the aims of the DVLA in such that it enhanced what we offer, in terms of this training and we can move confidently forward with Premier MOT as a provider in the knowledge that the aims of the DVSA have been achieved.

If you are interested in taking the Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7 call one of our training consultants today on 0345 459 0231.