How to check if a tyre tread depth gauge is calibrated

Philip Hoare, a trainer for Premier MOT shows an easy way to check if a tyre tread depth gauge is correctly calibrated. Phil explains, to check if the device is showing an accurate reading, all you need to do is press the tyre gauge against a flat sheet of glass on a car. It should show “zero out” when fully compressed against the flat surface. If it does, the device is calibrated and if not you will know that it is faulty.

Phil first started as a technician back in 1983. After 33 years in the automotive industry, Phil is now an experienced MOT tester, master technician, hybrid technician, air-con technician, ATA assessor and a level 4 qualified lecturer. Phil started with Premier MOT earlier this year in February 2016 and takes pride in training mechanics to become fully qualified MOT Testers at our Essex Training Centre.

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