Our trainer, Tony Warwick, shows how to check if there is a break in a wire, using a multimeter. Tony explains, that you need to set the multimeter to ohms (Ω) on to the lowest setting.

Before testing the wire, make sure your multimeter is working. You do this by connecting the 2 probes together to make a circuit. When a full circuit is made the multimeter should show a low reading. Before you start the test, make sure there is no power going to the wire. To test, connect the multimeter to each of the wire’s ends. As before if a full circuit is made and there are no problems, when connected the multimeter should show a low reading. If the reading is showing ‘I’ it means, there is a break.

Tony started working with Premier MOT just over 4 years ago and brought a wealth of knowledge from the motor industry. Tony is a fully qualified and experienced MOT tester, inspection technician, ATA assessor and a level 3 qualified lecturer. Tony has received numerous positive comments for his teaching style, with a number of our students commenting particularly on his kind and helpful nature and also the way he makes course content easy to understand.