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How much do you know about MOT site audits?

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what is the risk rating if the customer areas are clean tidy well maintained, clear of obstructions and evidence of a maintenance schedule?
when carrying out an internal site audit which one of the following is not part of the assessment?
what is the risk rating if a test station has no documentary evidence of training and no staff ATA accredited or equivalent?
how can you monitor staff performance?
what information should you have on an equipment calibration log?
what is a VT56?
how many hours CPD does a class 4 tester need to do over the 5 years?
what is the risk score if there is poor equipment management showing ad hoc checking procedures and equipment service is totally reliant on a third party company with no documented evidence at the test station?
who is responsible to make sure the equipment is calibrated?
when carrying out a VTS self-assessment how many risk score questions are they?
what reasons do you need to keep accurate records?
How can you access information regarding an MOT tester performance?
Which one of these sources of information is not required for compliance at the test centre?
When checking the vehicle testing station which one of these is not part of the assessment?
Management, Vehicle Testing Station, employees and customers are all aspects which are considered not part of