It’s now October and we are nearing the end for this year’s annual training and assessment. If you have not already completed it, here is everything you need to know:

How it Works –

  1. Decide on how to do your training


  1. Take a minimum of 3 hours training each year (16 hours in the rolling 5-year period


  1. Keep a record of your training


  1. Book and take your annual assessment


  1. Record your results


If you don’t complete your training and assessment between 1 April and 31 March every year, you can LOSE your MOT tester status!

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For classes 1 & 2 (Group A – motorcycles):

  • Body and structure (including security)
  • Assessment of and tyres and wheels


For classes 4 & 7 (Group B – cars and other vehicles) assessment of tyres and wheels:

  • Corrosion assessment (includes assessment of brake pipes)


For further information on how the MOT annual training and assessment works Read this guidance