Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Course – 2 Days

Learn more about how to maintain, service and repair hybrid and electric vehicles

Awarded by ABC Awards

Once complete you will gain your Service and Repair of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Accreditation.

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Course is designed to offer experienced technicians all aspects of hybrid and electric vehicle systems from operations to diagnostics including safe working practices when servicing and repairing.

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Course Overview

2 Day Course

The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Course will develop your skills around hybrid technology vehicles. You will focus on hybrid & electric safety, operation principles, series & parallel, motor assisted systems, extended range hybrids, electric vehicle operation, servicing & maintenance and diagnostics.

We make learning easy, using 90% practical, 10% theory based study and using meaningful assessments that reflect the demands of today’s competitive industry, giving you a solid grounding in key principles and ideas.

This is ideal for for technicians who maintain, service and repair Hybrid or electric vehicles and have a good background knowledge.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirement for entry on to the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Course. You will have experience of vehicle electrics and engine systems. You can choose to study in a way that suits your requirements and availability.

What you can achieve

Successful completion will give you the Service and Repair of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Accreditation, equivalent to a Level 3. This course is structured so that you can expect to successfully complete all the assessments in two days, depending on your experience and according to your training preference.

Course Modules

To attain accreditation, you will be required to successfully complete a range of practical and knowledge based assessments, including:

  • Safety Practices for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Electrically propelled vehicles and the terminology associated with them
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Components and their Function(s)
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Electrical Circuits
  • Rectify Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Faults Using Technical Information

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