Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7

To gain your MOT qualification, you need to hold a valid Level 3 certificate, which is recognised by the DVSA as a route to become a MOT Tester. Only after you have completed the Level 3, you can then take the Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7.

Please be advised that the NTTA was only acceptable until 31st August 2016

Complete the Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7, to develop your skills to perform MOT Tests and gain your MOT qualification.

The Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7 has been developed with DVSA/VOSA to give learners the knowledge and skills required to perform the MOT Test Routine. After completing this course, the DVSA will need to observe you complete a VT8 demo MOT test, before you can receive your testers license and gain your MOT qualification.

This Award will not expire, and those who have completed the MOT tester course will be considered professionally competent for their life time. Once you have your MOT qualification, MOT Testers will be required to complete the DVSA Annual Training.

The mot tester course is recognised by DVSA. Premier MOT Training is an IMI and ABC Awards Approved Training Centre

MOT Qualification Course Overview

The MOT Tester course, Award in MOT Testing Class 4 and 7, replaces the Nominated Tester Training (NTT) which was formerly run by the DVSA. The MOT qualification is for individuals who are serious about becoming fully qualified MOT Testers for cars and vans. This intensive MOT tester course will develop your skills around the MOT Testing Routine to help you become a Nominated Tester for classes 4 & 7. You will focus on Working Safely within a Vehicle Test Centre, Working Relationships, Professional Development, Pre-Test Checks & The MOT Test. Using a blend of practical and theory based study we make learning easy by putting in place meaningful assessments that reflect the demands of today’s competitive industry, giving you a solid grounding in key principles and ideas.

Once you have completed your Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7, you will need to complete a VT8 Observation, which is the final step in your journey to become an MOT Tester and gain your MOT qualification.

Who is the MOT Qualification For?

The MOT Tester course, Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7, has been developed for individuals who would like to improve their career by becoming qualified MOT Testers for cars and vans.

We offer a 3 Day MOT Tester Course & 2hr Practical Assessment.

One-to-one coaching, mock assessment and fast track options are available. If you would like to gain your MOT qualification, please contact one of our Training Consultants for more information: 0345 459 0231

The 3 day MOT Tester Course and Practical Assessment is ideal for skilled and experienced technicians who have a minimum 4 years’ experience and have completed a level 3 qualification recognised by DVSA/VOSA.

Entry Requirements for the Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7:

To take the MOT Tester course, Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7 and gain your MOT qualification, it is necessary to have a minimum of 4 years’ experience in a working garage, a full UK driving license for the vehicle class you want to test and a Level 3 qualification recognised by DVSA / VOSA (for test class 3, 4, 5 or 7). With courses running every two weeks in all our 3 centres you can choose to study in a way that suits your requirements and availability.

What will you achieve after completing the MOT qualification course?

Successful completion of the Award in MOT Testing Class 4 and 7 will give you a valuable academic qualification recognised by the DVSA that demonstrates your skill and also provides access to complete your VT8 practical observation, the last stage in your journey to becoming a qualified MOT Tester and gaining your MOT qualification. This MOT Tester course is structured so that you can expect to successfully complete all the assessments* in four days.


MOT Tester Course Modules:

To pass the Award in MOT Testing Class 4 & 7 and gain your MOT qualification, you will be required to successfully complete a range of practical and knowledge based assessments.

  • Develop the knowledge required for MOT Testing in the respective classes
  • Develop practical skills for testing
  • Encourage improvements in customer service
  • Prepare the learner for managing CPD requirements
  • Improve safe working in the test centre

After completion of the MOT Tester course you will be able to safely work in a vehicle test centre, manage relationships, understand professional development and you will gain knowledge of how to carry out pre-test checks and carry out MOT tests. Once you have you have passed the final stage of your MOT Tester Training, the VT8 practical observation, you will be a nominated tester and gain your MOT qualification.

You need to pass your VT8 Observation in order to receive your MOT Testers License and gain your MOT qualification.

We are able to arrange your DVSA VT8 Practical Observation at any of our UK sites.

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