MOT Testing Service

Log in and use the service

Your user ID, password and PIN

To use the MOT testing service you need your:

  • user ID
  • 8-digit password

You’ll be asked to use your PIN at important points during the MOT testing process. This will include when you:

  • finish an MOT test and print a certificate
  • issue a replacement MOT certificate
  • change vehicle details

Disciplinary action can be taken against you if you:

  • give your password or 6-digit PIN to anyone
  • leave your password or 6-digit PIN in an unsecured location

To reset your password or PIN you might need to add to your email’s ‘safe sender list’ (or ‘whitelist’).


This will make sure any reset password or PIN requests emailed to you will make it into your inbox.

To find out how to add an email address to your ‘safe sender list’ (or ‘whitelist):

  • search the internet (eg ‘safe sender list hotmail’, ‘safe sender list gmail’ etc)
  • search your email provider’s help section
  • ask your email provider or IT supplier

To reset your password:

  • click the ‘Forgotten/Change password’ link on your ‘Sign in’ page
  • answer your security questions correctly
  • check your registered email for your reset password link
  • click on this link and reset your password

To reset your PIN:

  • click the ‘Your Profile’ link at the top of your ‘Homepage’
  • on your ‘Profile’ page click the ‘Reset PIN’ link under ‘Security Settings’
  • answer your security questions correctly
  • check your registered email for your reset PIN link
  • click on this link and reset your PIN

All MOT tests, retests and contingency tests must still be carried out:

  • within authorised vehicle testing stations (VTSs)
  • by nominated testers (NTs) approved to test the class of vehicle by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

Under existing MOT scheme rules, if you have any initial problems (eg software, broadband or IT equipment failure) when using the service you:

  • have up to 1 hour after a vehicle’s examination to enter the test results
  • must enter these results before the vehicle leaves your VTS

This means, if these kinds of temporary problems can be quickly fixed, you don’t always have to use contingency testing to carry on testing.

The MOT testing service works on internet-connected:

  • desktop PCs and iMacs
  • laptops
  • tablets

You can’t use a smartphone (eg iPhone, Android phone) to access the service.

Reports in the MOT testing service can be:

  • viewed straight away
  • accessed from any location by an AE

The following reports are also available:

  • test log summary – only tests carried out under your authority appear on it
  • slot usage – monitors the amount of MOT test slots used within your authorisation
  • transaction history – monitors the amount of money you’ve spent on MOT test slots

You should check them routinely.

You can download them and make them available to export for specified roles in PDF or CSV format.

The current MOT inspection form (VT40) has been replaced by the VT29 and VT29M inspection checklists.

These checklists can be found under the ‘MOT forms’ link on your homepage.

The VT20 MOT test certificate is printed in ‘portrait’ and not ‘landscape’. Certificates will be in:

  • English in England and Scotland
  • English and Welsh in Wales

You log in to the MOT testing service using your username and password.

Testers use their new 6-digit PIN to:

  • finish an MOT test and print a certificate
  • issue a replacement MOT certificate
  • change vehicle details

You don’t need to record equipment calibrations on the MOT testing service, but you must still:

  • keep records of the calibration elsewhere
  • keep the related certificates and documents as proof for future site assessments

Vehicle examiners (VEs) will ask you to show these certificates as part of your site assessments.

Contact the MOT testing service desk if you have any problems using the service.

Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm
Saturday, 8am to 2pm
(excluding public holidays)

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