We have helped over 3000 students become qualified MOT Testers!

Since 2008 Premier MOT has had an incredible 100% Pass Rate of candidates gaining their MOT License.

Also on the ATA Light Vehicle Inspection. we have never had a candidate fail.

See what some of our students have said…

The information and knowledge was not just thrown at you it was more like drip fed sub consciously. The tutor was like Derren Brown by giving you a lot of knowledge without realising it, by getting us to interact and discuss things. Also training your brain to file information received in a kind of mental roladex rather than just “screwing up pieces of paper and stuffing it all into a drawer”. Now rather than look for the correct answer first, i am looking for the wrong answers so that i can confidently eliminate them.
Jack Jameson
Premier MOT Training provided me with quality instruction and coaching. I gained confidence in my personal skills and felt a real sense of purpose.
Pravin Shah
Thank you so much! You have given me confidence and have helped me Improve my technique through quality individual attention.
Paul Johnson
A great deal of information was packed into only 3 days, which was very good. Now I feel very prepared to sit the exam.
Karly Smith

See how are students rate us

Pre-Course Information and Booking Process:      4.8 / 5
Quality of Training:      4.9 / 5
Training Course Content:      4.9 / 5
Training Venue:      4.8 / 5
Training Materials:      4.9 / 5
Facilities Provided:      4.8 / 5
Equipment Used/Provided:      4.9 / 5
Overall Experience of E-Learning Portal:      4.8 / 5
E-Learning Course Content:      4.8 / 5
User Friendliness of E-Learning Portal:      4.8 / 5